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I am a visual narrator. My work is always personal and original.

Every life experience, every place I have visited, and every encounter I have had during my travels in Italy and around the world represents a possible idea for a story or a spark of inspiration which enriches my work. I always look to create the best audio-visual productions possible.

Among my progressive competencies lie:

Ideation:  I am skilled at finding ideas, inventing stories and writing original screenplays.

Camera work: With years of experience up my sleeve, I can operate most types if camera equipment and mix and match hardware to create original, dynamic and creative productions.

Directing: My technical experience speaks for itself. My true skills with respect to directing lie in my ability to coordinate a team of professionals, both technical and creative, for results that are consistent with and faithful to the story being told.

Editing: I use just about every piece of professional software imaginable. The results of editing are well timed videos, great soundtracks, and consistently great story telling.

Colour correction: I use outstanding colour correction, both subtle and extreme, to accentuating the stylistic choices made ​​during shooting and to give a distinctive look and feel to my productions. My work is wholistic, and during this closing stage I finalise my storytelling through atmospheric enhancement.

Make sure you check out my portfolio, and feel free to contact me with your enquiries. I work all over the world, and I may be in your neighbourhood already.

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