A corporate video is the most direct way to present the values of a company, its history or simply to quickly explain what it deals with. It’s the most efficient business card to communicate with a potential customer. Moreover, the opportunities for use it have multiplied exponentially in the last years, increasing the opportunities for visibility: on the website, on social media, as a presentation in the sector fairs through television screens, or even as an introduction directly to the customer through laptops or tablets, beyond that in more traditional channels like television or DVD.

A branch of this type of film is the so-called industrial video, which usually has a specific and technical use and is used to present certain types of work or machinery, or even act as a sort of tutorial to explain the use of a product or of an equipment.

Of course, it is possible to provide multiple language versions through the use of subtitles or a voice over in order to have a rapid and effective means of communication in the foreign markets of reference.