A music video is now essential for any song that is proposed on the market. Music is often listened to on Youtube and it’s not rare that the passion for a song or for a group comes first because of an appreciation for its video. Personally, I really like making music videos. There are endless approaches to “tell” a piece: from flatly didactic to narrative, passing through abstract, minimalism, animation, dance…

Any type of experimentation or style can be included in a music videos, and if it is true that it is often considered a marketing tool, it is still a territory where you can take a lot of freedom. Give precedence to the text or get carried away by the music and the arrangement? Who is the target audience for a particular song? And above all (fundamental question!) what is the budget available? For each question there is always more than one possible answer, and with the right attitude, a good dose of creativity and a collaborative spirit remarkable results can be made.