We know that advertising is the soul of commerce and today, most probably, video is the soul of advertising. Any type of activity must be present on internet, and the most immediate way to introduce any kind of business is surely through a video. A video, besides giving the information that could be found reading a text or looking at pictures, has the important surplus of an emotional impact connected to the choice of the music that accompanies it, to the rhythm given by the editing and the sense of reality linked to the moving pictures. Informations + emotions.

Whether we are talking about a 30 seconds television commercial or an institutional video to be broadcast on social media, the goal is always to find the right tone and style for the message you want to transmit.

The types of promotional videos are numerous and depend essentially on which distribution channels you want to use and what you have to promote: having to advertise a product, presenting the activity of an institution, documenting an event or following a reportage a event…Every request must be weighted about the target that you want to attract and the goal you want to achieve. The promotional video exists to spread the client’s message with the tone that is considered most appropriate: cheerful, lyrical, sensual, formal, serious, light-hearted, nostalgic…